Oh My Josh!

Thanks to Sara for sending us these pictures of Joshua we hadn’t seen them before.  As always what beautiful eyes and that gorgeous smile.


He was the sweetest little boy

I always loved watching Joshua play around in his crib right when he woke from a nap.  He would roll around and do the silliest things in his crib.  He’d always burry his head in his blankets and stick his little butt up in the air and then look up at you with this silly grin on his face.  Id sit there forever just watching him and laugh.  He was the sweetest little boy.  Ill never for get my last day with Josh.  I was over playing video games with Connor and stayed down in the basement a little longer to play with Joshua.  He was sitting on the couch with his new puppy and sweetly petting him and giving him kisses every few minutes.  It was so precious that I couldnt take my eyes off of him!  Love and miss you soo much Joshua!



Beautiful Brown Eyes!

I started taking care of Joshua when he was just a few months old. It was so easy to fall in love with him! I probably spoiled him too much! (Right Blake??!) I went on a trip that summer so I didn’t get to see the boys for two weeks! I couldn’t wait to get back to see Joshua’s face and kiss his chubby cheeks!!



Our Angel…


Joshua loved playing with his big brother

Joshua always loved chasing Conner around and playing with his big brother.  If Conner would throw a ball Joshua would throw a ball.  Matt & Staci Jensen